Jimmy Conlin

Actor, Vaudevillian
Born: 10/14/1884 in Camden, New Jersey, USA


Actor (58)

Anatomy of a Murder 1959 (Movie)

Madigan (Actor)

The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock 1958 (Movie)

Magruder (Actor)

The Seven Little Foys 1955 (Movie)

Stage Manager (Actor)

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock 1950 (Movie)

Wormy (Actor)

Knock on Any Door 1949 (Movie)


Mourning Becomes Electra 1947 (Movie)

Abner Small (Actor)

Hail the Conquering Hero 1943 (Movie)

Judge Dennis (Actor)

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1943 (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

Sullivan's Travels 1941 (Movie)


The Palm Beach Story 1941 (Movie)

Mr. Asweld (Actor)

Angels over Broadway 1940 (Movie)

Pawn Shop Proprietor (Actor)

The Great McGinty 1939 (Movie)


A Free Soul (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Movie)

Little Thief (Actor)

An Angel Comes to Brooklyn (Movie)

Cornelius Terwilliger (Actor)

And the Angels Sing (Movie)

Messenger (Actor)

Blue Skies (Movie)

Jeffrey (Actor)

Broadway (Movie)

Newsman (Actor)

Broadway Musketeers (Movie)

Skinner (Actor)

Calling Philo Vance (Movie)

Dr. Doremus (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Movie)

Barker (Actor)

Comet over Broadway (Movie)

Comic (Actor)

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (Movie)

Sightless (Actor)

Dixie (Movie)

Publisher (Actor)

Don Juan Quilligan (Movie)

Marriage Bureau Clerk (Actor)

Fallen Angel (Movie)

Hotel Clerk (Actor)

Hard to Get (Movie)

Dour Diner (Actor)

Hazard (Movie)

Mr. Tilson (Actor)

Idiot's Delight (Movie)

Stagehand (Actor)

It's a Joke, Son! (Movie)

Sen. Leeds (Actor)

It's a Pleasure (Movie)

Messenger (Actor)

Madame Spy (Movie)

Winston (Actor)

Mountain Music (Movie)

Medicine Show Shill (Actor)

Old Acquaintance (Movie)

Photographer (Actor)

Out of the Fog (Movie)

Kibitzer (Actor)

Ridin' on a Rainbow (Movie)

Frisco (Actor)

Rose Bowl (Movie)

Browning Hills (Actor)

Second Chorus (Movie)

Mr. Dunn (Actor)

Seven Keys to Baldpate (Movie)

Hermit (Actor)

Smart Woman (Movie)

Miller, the Printer (Actor)

Summer Storm (Movie)

Passerby at Mailbox (Actor)

Sweethearts (Movie)

Property Man (Actor)

The Bowery (Movie)

Enlistee (Actor)

The Bride Comes Home (Movie)

Len Noble (Actor)

The Forest Rangers (Movie)

Mr. Hansen (Actor)

The Gay Falcon (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

The Great Rupert (Movie)

Joe Mahoney (Actor)

The Hucksters (Movie)

Blake (Actor)

The Lady Is Willing (Movie)

Bum (Actor)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Movie)

Piano Player (Actor)

The Shining Hour (Movie)


The Town Went Wild (Movie)

Justice of the Peace (Actor)

Third Finger, Left Hand (Movie)

Ernest (Actor)

Torchy Blane in Panama (Movie)

Botkin (Actor)

Tulsa (Movie)

Bruce Tanner (Actor)

Two Girls on Broadway (Movie)

Poem Vendor (Actor)

Two Sisters from Boston (Movie)


Whistle Stop (Movie)

Barber (Actor)


Myrtle Glass