Joan Bennett

Personable, extremely pretty and prolific star of a wide range of films in the 1930s and 40s. Bennett began her film career as a demure blonde ingenue (e.g. in George Cukor's "Little Women" 1933, William K. Howard's ... Read more »
Born: 02/26/1910 in Palisades, New Jersey, USA


Actor (60)

Divorce Wars 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


Suspiria 1977 (Movie)

Miss Blank (Actor)

Dark Shadows 1965 - 1971 (TV Show)


House of Dark Shadows 1970 (Movie)

Elizabeth Stoddard (Actor)

Desire in the Dust 1960 (Movie)

Mrs Marquand (Actor)

Too Young To Go Steady 1959 - 1960 (TV Show)


There's Always Tomorrow 1956 (Movie)

Marion Groves (Actor)

The Man Who Came to Dinner 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


We're No Angels 1955 (Movie)

Amelie Ducotel (Actor)

The Nash Airflyte Theater 1950 - 1951 (TV Show)


Scarlet Street 1945 (Movie)

Kitty March (Actor)

The Woman in the Window 1943 (Movie)

Alice Reed (Actor)

Margin For Error 1942 (Movie)


The Man in the Iron Mask 1938 (Movie)


Vogues of 1938 1936 (Movie)

Wendy Van Klettering (Actor)

Private Worlds 1934 (Movie)

Sally MacGregor (Actor)

Little Women 1932 (Movie)


Big Brown Eyes (Movie)

Eve Fallon (Actor)

Bulldog Drummond (Movie)

Phyllis Benton (Actor)

Colonel Effingham's Raid (Movie)

Ella Sue Dozier (Actor)

Confirm or Deny (Movie)

Jennifer Carson (Actor)

Disraeli (Movie)

Lady Clarissa Pevensey (Actor)

Father of the Bride (Movie)

Ellie Banks (Actor)

Father's Little Dividend (Movie)

Ellie Banks (Actor)

For Heaven's Sake (Movie)

Lydia Bolton (Actor)

Gidget Gets Married (TV Show)


Green Hell (Movie)

Stephanie Richardson (Actor)

Man Hunt (Movie)

Jerry (Actor)

Maybe It's Love (Movie)

Nan Sheffield (Actor)

Me and My Gal (Movie)

Helen Riley (Actor)

Mississippi (Movie)

Lucy Rumford (Actor)

Nob Hill (Movie)

Harriet Carruthers (Actor)

Puttin' on the Ritz (Movie)

Dolores Fenton (Actor)

Scotland Yard (Movie)

Lady Lasher (Actor)

Secret Beyond the Door (Movie)

Celia Lamphere (Actor)

She Knew All the Answers (Movie)

Gloria Winters (Actor)

She Wanted a Millionaire (Movie)

Jane Miller (Actor)

Suddenly, Love (TV Show)


The Divine Lady (Movie)

Extra (Actor)

The Eyes of Charles Sand (TV Show)


The House Across the Bay (Movie)

Brenda Lucky Bentley (Actor)

The Housekeeper's Daughter (Movie)

Hilda (Actor)

The Macomber Affair (Movie)

Margaret Macomber (Actor)

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (Movie)

Helen Berkeley (Actor)

The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (Movie)

Adele Verin (Actor)

The Man from Yesterday (Movie)


The Mississippi Gambler (Movie)

Lucy Blackburn (Actor)

The Reckless Moment (Movie)

Lucia Harper (Actor)

The Texans (Movie)

Ivy Preston (Actor)

The Wife Takes a Flyer (Movie)

Anita Woverman (Actor)

This House Possessed (TV Show)


Trade Winds (Movie)

Kay Kerrigan (Actor)

Twin Beds (Movie)

Julie Abbott (Actor)

Two for Tonight (Movie)

Bobbie Lockwood (Actor)

Valley of Decision (Movie)

An "unborn soul" (Actor)

Wedding Present (Movie)

Monica "Rusty" Fleming (Actor)

Week-Ends Only (Movie)

Venetia Carr (Actor)

Wild Geese Calling (Movie)

Sally Murdock (Actor)

Wild Girl (Movie)

Salome Jane Clay (Actor)


Personable, extremely pretty and prolific star of a wide range of films in the 1930s and 40s. Bennett began her film career as a demure blonde ingenue (e.g. in George Cukor's "Little Women" 1933, William K. Howard's breathtaking "The Trial of Vivienne Ware" 1932). Raoul Walsh's delightful "Me and My Gal" (1932), though, did give her an offbeat chance to indulge in sharp wisecracking. Early on her acting abilities seemed a bit modest, but Bennett's warm speaking voice and quietly piquant charm gave her considerable appeal as a screen personality.


Diana Anderson

born c. 1928 father, John Marion Fox

Melinda Bena

father, Gene Markey

Richard Bennett

born in 1873 died in 1944 divorced from Bennett's mother in 1925

Barbara Bennett

born in 1906 died in 1958

Constance Bennett

born in 1904 died in 1965 popular star of the 1920s and 30s in such films as "What Price Hollywood?" (1932) and "Topper" (1937)

John Fox

married c. 1926 divorced c. 1928

Stephanie Guest

father, Walter Wanger

Gene Markey Screenwriter


Gene Markey

married in 1932 divorced in 1937

Adrienne Morrison

born in 1883 died in 1940 lineage went back five generations to strolling players in 18th-century England

Walter Wanger

married in 1940 divorced in 1965

Shelley Wanger

father, Walter Wanger

David Wilde

married from 1973 until her death



finishing school

St Margaret's School

Waterbury , Connecticut
boarding school



Last film, "Suspiria"


TV soap opera debut as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard on "Dark Shadows"; also acted in a feature film based on the series, "House of Dark Shadows" (1970)


Returned to films after a three-year absence to act in "Highway Dragnet"


Involved in Hollywood scandal when then-husband producer Walter Wanger, shot and wounded her agent, Jennings Lang, in a Los Angeles parking lot


First film with director Fritz Lang, "Man Hunt"


Became a brunette, adopting a "Hedy Lamarr look" for the film "Trade Winds," at suggestion of producer Walter Wanger; kept her hair dark for the rest of her career


First major film performance in "Bulldog Drummond"


Film acting debut in "Power"


Stage debut (with father) in "Jarnegan"


Had a bit part in father Richard Bennett's medium-length film, "The Valley of Decision"

Was one of the partners involved in forming the independent production company, Diana Productions (which also included Lang)

Returned to stage in national tours of "Susan and God," "Bell, Book and Candle," "Once More With Feeling," "The Pleasure of His Company" and "Never Too Late"

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"I don't think much of most of the films I made. But being a movie star was something I liked very much." --Joan Bennett in 1986. (NEW YORK POST, December 10, 1990)


"If it happened today, I'd be a sensation. I'd be wanted by all studios for all pictures." --Joan Bennett in a 1981, discussing the 1951 scandal (NEW YORK TIMES obituary, December 9, 1990


A contemporary verse when Joan Bennett turned brunette went, "Let's sing of Lamarr, that Hedy so fair/Is it true that Joan Bennett wears all her old hair?"