Joe Estevez

Born: 02/12/1946


Actor (64)

A Voice From the Grave 2015 (Movie)

Agent Bradley Mulligan (Actor)

2 Blind Mice 2014 (Movie)


A Platinum Triangle 2014 (Movie)

Roland Geiger (Actor)

Eagleheart 1999 - 2000, 2013 - 2014 (Tv Show)


Green Diggity Dog 2014 (Movie)


Hear Me Voice 2014 (Movie)


IRA--King of Nothing 2014 (Movie)


Inner Rage 2014 (Movie)

Sheriff McCarthy (Actor)

No Fear 2014 (Movie)


Rice Girl 2014 (Movie)


Scar 2014 (Movie)


Shut Up and Shoot! 2014 (Movie)


The Lights 2014 (Movie)

Cade/Sheriff (Actor)

The Longest Shadow 2014 (Movie)


The Roller Blade Seven 2014 (Movie)

Saint O'ffender (Actor)

Unaware 2014 (Movie)


Zombie Farm 2014 (Movie)

Anchor Man (Actor)

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan 2013 (Movie)

Meeks (Actor)

Doonby 2012 (Movie)

Cyrus Reaper (Actor)

Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre 2011 (Movie)

Job Counselor Estevez (Actor)

Serbian Scars 2009 (Movie)

Niko (Actor)

Sister Mary! 2007 (Movie)

Police Chief Gunner (Actor)

No Turning Back 2003 (Movie)


Black Scorpion 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


Movie Stars 1999 - 2000 (Tv Show)


The Remnant 2000 (Movie)

Chief Wilson Tyler (Actor)

Two Coyotes 2000 (Movie)


Lola's Game 1998 (Movie)


Love Notes 1998 (Movie)


Pacino Is Missing 1997 (Movie)


Werewolf 1997 (Movie)


Breakaway 1996 (Movie)


Demolition Highway 1996 (Movie)

Xavier Cardone (Actor)

Blonde Heaven 1995 (Movie)


Quiet Days in Hollywood 1995 (Movie)

Cameo Appearance (Actor)

Unconditional Love 1995 (Movie)

Mary's Husband (Actor)

Double Blast 1994 (Movie)

Nadir (Actor)

Money to Burn 1994 (Movie)


Silent Fury 1994 (Movie)


Eye of the Stranger 1993 (Movie)


L.A. Goddess 1993 (Movie)


The Deadly Secret 1993 (Movie)


Beach Babes From Beyond 1992 (Movie)


Dark Universe 1992 (Movie)


Fatal Justice 1992 (Movie)


In a Moment of Passion 1992 (Movie)


Murder-in-Law 1992 (Movie)

Bill Kelly (Actor)

The Flesh Merchant 1992 (Movie)


Armed for Action 1991 (Movie)

Detective West (Actor)

Blood on the Badge 1991 (Movie)

Captain Burton (Actor)

Dark Rider 1991 (Movie)

Sandini (Actor)

Soultaker 1990 (Movie)

Soultaker (Actor)

South of Reno 1988 (Movie)

Hector (Actor)

Double Exposure 1987 (Movie)

Eskanazy (Actor)

The Zero Boys 1986 (Movie)

Killer (Actor)

Acts of Betrayal (TV Show)


Equal Impact (TV Show)


No Code of Conduct (TV Show)


Stolen From the Heart (TV Show)


The California Kid (TV Show)


Winner Takes All (TV Show)