Joe Jonas Is Shirtless in Steamy New Music Video

Some teen stars are never able to escape the teenie bopper image they develop in their early years of childhood stardom. Let’s face it, Justin Bieber is going to hear the term “Bieber Fever” for the rest of his life. It’s just something he’ll learn to deal with! But not all young stars have to meet the same fate. Some of them are able to detach themselves from their iconic tween roles and go on to portray a new image of their older, more mature self, which is something Joe Jonas seems to be making great strides in.

The singer just premiered his latest solo music video for his song, Just in Love, and it definitely shows you a different side of him. The video features Joe roaming the streets of Paris with a gorgeous gal on his arm, but there’s also some pretty intimate scenes between the two lovers in the bedroom and bathtub (which happens to give you a nice view of a shirtless Joe). Joe comments on the new video, saying, “We shot it in Paris so naturally it’s supposed to be passionate and romantic. We found a beautiful girl lead. I feel it’s a video that might shock people a little bit.” The growing heartthrob added, “I’m not naked and she’s not naked, but I think it’s a little bit, well, I’ll just say it’s a little bit older than anything I’ve done before.” Well, we’re certainly not complaining!

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

Source: Celebuzz