Joe Jonas Releases First Music Video Solo

Turns out some boys do grow up.  Joe Jonas is going rogue and branching out from his boy band image with the release of his brand new solo music video, See No More.  Now I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan (I grew up in the reigning days of NSYNC and BSB), so I was going into this video with a pretty biased opinion that this was going to be just an extended version of him singing with his brothers. But I was pleasantly surprised.  Well alright, I didn’t love it, but it’s a lot better than the boy band songs they’ve been shelling out for years.  Granted, if I was a 9 year old girl I would’ve hopped right on that Brothers bandwagon and never looked back, but as a woman of 24 there’s only so much teeny-bopping that I can handle. 

The video clearly portrays Joe as a more mature, extended version of his younger self.  The singer is growing up (no complaints there) and has felt the unavoidable sting that comes with a broken heart.  The video centers around a house catching on fire which Joe explains the concept by saying, “The idea I had was to use a house as a metaphor of being stuck in my own head because the song is obviously about the end of a relationship…I said ‘okay, if you were stuck in your own head, and you see everything that reminds you of this person, you want to get rid of everything [that reminds you of this person].'”  If we all abided by this concept I think Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen would be homeless.  Nice attempt though, Joe.  We’ll get that boy band influence out of you eventually — just ask JT.

The album is due out September 6 of this year.

Source: Hollywood Gossip