Joe Jonas Wants Taylor Swift Back

It’s a Love Story…again! Apparently Joe Jonas is jonesin’ for another go at a relationship with Taylor Swift because multiple sources are claiming that he is eager to make amends and get back together with the country singer. One source states, “He wants her back. He wants to show her he’s a changed man and would love to see what’s possible between them.” So for right now they’re evidently “testing the waters” as platonic friends and seeing where things go from there. While I’m always hesitant to believe rumors about couples getting back together, I think this one might actually be legit. Jonas was an audience member at Swift’s sold-out September 1st concert in San Jose, so they definitely seem to be hanging out and are clearly on friendly terms. But before you start rejoicing and getting right back on that Taylor-Joe bandwagon, let’s just rewind to when Joe decided to end their little romance with a 27-second phone call in 2008. Is he really a changed man and do we think that our adorable T-Swift should trust him with her heart again?

After their split, both singers gave shout-outs to each other via song. Taylor rehashed the breakup in Forever and Always and trashed his rebound, Camilla Belle, in Better Than Revenge, while Jonas ranted about “superstars and all the tears on her guitar” in his track Much Better. And while that seems to all be water under the soundtrack bridge now, it’s still a good idea that they’re taking things slow. Another source comments that, “They’re putting their past behind them. And maybe rekindling an old flame.” Well, if their relationship fails at least we’ll probably be getting some new great songs out of it. Good luck you two!

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