Joe King


Actor (25)

The Big Shot 1941 (Movie)


Bullets For O'Hara 1940 (Movie)

Maxwell (Actor)

Black Friday 1939 (Movie)


Code of the Secret Service 1939 (Movie)


Smashing the Money Ring 1939 (Movie)


Destry Rides Again 1938 (Movie)


You Can't Get Away With Murder 1938 (Movie)

Principal Keeper (Actor)

Alexander's Ragtime Band 1937 (Movie)


In Old Chicago 1937 (Movie)


San Quentin 1936 (Movie)

Warden Taylor (Actor)

Bullets or Ballots 1935 (Movie)

Capt. Dan McLaren (Actor)

China Clipper 1935 (Movie)


Broadway Hostess 1934 (Movie)

Big Joe Jarvis (Actor)

Until They Get Me 1916 (Movie)


Beautiful But Broke (Movie)

Mr. Martin (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Movie)

Inspector O'Matthews (Actor)

Danger on Wheels (Movie)

Race Commissioner (Actor)

Magnificent Doll (Movie)

Jailer (Actor)

Renegade Girl (Movie)


Road Gang (Movie)

Winston (Actor)

The Answer (Movie)

John Warfield (Actor)

The Battle of Paris (Movie)


The North Wind's Malice (Movie)

Carter (Actor)

Tin Gods (Movie)

1st Foreman (Actor)

Woman in the Dark (Movie)

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (1)

The Moonlighter (Movie)

(Costume Designer)