Joe Manganiello Has Model’s Legs Wrapped Around His Neck, Naturally

In case you haven’t already noticed, Joe Manganiello is one incredibly attractive man. Whether he’s showing off his rock-hard abs as the hunky werewolf, Alcide, on True Blood or stripping down to his bare essentials in the highly anticipated film Magic Mike, he is the definition of sex appeal. So of course it makes complete sense to see the 35-year-old actor on the cover of Essential Homme magazine’s May/June issue, with a model’s legs wrapped around his neck. Ladies can’t resist getting up-close and personal with him. Can you blame them?

joe manganiello

Don’t you wish you were the one sitting on Manganiello’s shoulders?

joe manganiello

Catch a glimpse of Manganiello’s well-defined eight-pack below.

joe manganiello

Are you in love yet?


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