Joe Manganiello: Wearing a Thong ‘Felt Like a Wedgie’

joe manganielloJoe Manganiello may be used to battling vicious vampires, ferocious werewolves, and conniving witches in True Blood, but nothing could have prepared him for the throng of challenges that awaited him in his upcoming stripper flick, Magic Mike. What sort of challenges you may ask? Well, the hunky recently shared with People magazine his rather uncomfortable experience with thongs (and I don’t mean the footwear).

“It was uncomfortable at first,” the 35-year-old star said. “It sort of felt like a wedgie, but once you get into the routine of wearing one, you know what to do and you just do your thing. We all had to suffer a bit for our craft.”

And thanks to his experience, Manganiello can now fully appreciate the discomfort women go through while wearing them. “I have so much respect for all women who choose to wear them,” he said. “It’s not easy wearing one.”

Butt But that didn’t make him feel any less comfortable stripping down to his G-string in front of his equally hunky co-stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer. “We all took our turn in the barrel,” he remarked. “Being with the guys, nobody takes them self too seriously. Everybody was on set cheering, laughing and rolling on the ground.”

However, he’d rather his parents not get a look at his beefcake fireman dance antics on the big screen. “I told my parents not to go see this,” Manganiello said of the film, which is due out June 29. “Nothing can prepare them for what about they are going to see.”

Even his publicist was at a loss for words. “My publicist saw it and couldn’t form a sentence afterwards,” the True Blood star admitted. “Anybody who knows me is going to definitely see me in a different light. My character’s name is Big Dick Richie for a reason.”

If every woman in America didn’t want to see this movie before, they most certainly do now. Hell, I’m bringing a bunch of one dollar bills just in case it’s in 3D!


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