John Bettis


Music (40)

Dark Shadows 2012 (Movie)

("Top Of The World") (Song)

Shrek Forever After 2010 (Movie)

("Top Of The World") (Song)

Michael Jackson's This Is It 2009 (Movie)

("Human Nature") (Song)

13 Going On 30 2004 (Movie)

("Crazy For You") (Song)

The Parent Trap 1998 (Movie)

("Top of the World") (Song)

Annabelle's Wish 1996 (Movie)

songs (Song)

High School High 1996 (Movie)

("Top of the World") (Song)

Empty Nest 1989 - 1995 (Tv Show)


Free Willy 1993 (Movie)

("Right Here (Human Nature Remix)") (Song)

Home Free 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)

Theme Music

Nurses 1990 - 1993 (Tv Show)


Uncle Buck 1990 - 1993 (TV Show)

Theme Lyrics

Miles and Friends 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


Pure Country 1992 (Movie)

songs("Heartland/ (main title version)" "Heartland" "I'm Gonna Right a Great Country Wrong") (Song)

All I Want For Christmas 1991 (Movie)

("Under the Christmas Tree") (Song)

Curly Sue 1991 (Movie)

("You Never Know") (Song)

Major Dad 1990 - 1991 (Tv Show)


Mannequin Two: on the Move 1991 (Movie)

("Can't Believe My Eyes") (Song)

Showdown in Little Tokyo 1991 (Movie)

("Slow Hand") (Song)

The Last Boy Scout 1991 (Movie)

("Friday Night's a Great Night For Football") (Song)

Free Spirit 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)

Theme Song

Listen to Me 1989 (Movie)

("Who's Gonna Love You Tonight") (Song)

Say Anything 1989 (Movie)

("All For Love") (Song)

Star Trek V: the Final Frontier 1989 (Movie)

lyrics("The Moon's a Window to Heaven") (Theme Lyrics)

Cocktail 1988 (Movie)

("Wild Again") (Song)

Johnny Be Good 1988 (Movie)

lyrics("Perfect Stranger") (Theme Lyrics)

Moonwalker 1988 (Movie)

("Human Nature") (Song)

My Sister Sam 1986 - 1988 (TV Show)

Theme Song

Mabel and Max 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)

Theme Lyrics

Legend 1986 (Movie)

lyrics (Theme Lyrics)

Nothing in Common 1986 (Movie)

("Loving Strangers (David's Theme From 'Nothing in Common')") (Song)

Ratboy 1986 (Movie)

songs("Tangled Up in You" "Pretty Face") (Song)

The Men's Club 1986 (Movie)

lyrics("A Fool For Love") (Theme Lyrics)

National Lampoon's European Vacation 1985 (Movie)

("New Looks") (Lyrics)

Vision Quest 1985 (Movie)

("Crazy For You") (Song)

Body Rock 1984 (Movie)

("Body Rock") (Song)

The Lonely Guy 1984 (Movie)

("Love Comes Without Warning") (Song)

Partners 1981 (Movie)

("Slow Hand") (Song)

Taps 1981 (Movie)

("Slow Hand") (Song)

Growing Pains (TV Show)

Actor (1)

The Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

Producer (1)

Scandalous Behavior 1999 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)