John Cairns


Visual Effects & Animation (23)

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 (Movie)

Compositing Lead(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Visual Effects)

Suicide Squad 2016 (Movie)

(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Digital Artist)

Snowpiercer 2014 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Compositing Supervisor)

The Giver 2014 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Compositing Supervisor)

The Maze Runner 2014 (Movie)

Compositing Lead(Method Studios) (Visual Effects)

Ender's Game 2013 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Compositing Supervisor)

Dark Shadows 2012 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Visual Effects)

Man on a Ledge 2012 (Movie)

Composite Lead(Method Studios,Vancouver) (Compositing Supervisor)

J. Edgar 2011 (Movie)

(Method Studios) (Visual Effects)

Jack and Jill 2011 (Movie)

(Method Studios - Vancouver) (Compositor)

The Green Hornet 2011 (Movie)

(CIS Visual Effects Group Vancouver) (Compositor)

Salt 2010 (Movie)

(CIS Vancouver) (Compositor)

Tooth Fairy 2010 (Movie)

Digital Artist(CIS-Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Angels & Demons 2009 (Movie)

Compositor(CIS Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Invictus 2009 (Movie)

Compositing and Roto Artist(CIS Visual Effects Group Vancouver) (Rotoscope Animator)

21 2008 (Movie)

Compositor(Gray Matter FX) (Digital Effects Artist)

Married Life 2008 (Movie)

Compositor(Gray Matter Visual Effects) (Compositing Supervisor)

Tropic Thunder 2008 (Movie)

Compositor(CIS Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Twilight 2008 (Movie)

Compositor(CIS Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

American Gangster 2007 (Movie)

Compositor(Gray Matter Fx) (Digital Effects Artist)

Are We Done Yet? 2007 (Movie)

Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Little Man 2006 (Movie)

Compositor(Technicolor Creative Services - VFX Vancouver) (Digital Effects Artist)

Just Friends 2005 (Movie)

Digital Compositor(Technicolor Vancouver) (Digital Effects)
Producer (3)

Wild Blue Yonder 2012 (Movie)


The Heavy 2009 (Movie)


The Tender Hook 2008 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)