John Dierkes

Born: 02/10/1905


Actor (23)

Oklahoma Crude 1973 (Movie)


Johnny Cool 1963 (Movie)


The Haunted Palace 1962 (Movie)

West (Actor)

X 1962 (Movie)

Carnival Owner (Actor)

The Comancheros 1961 (Movie)

Bill (Actor)

The Premature Burial 1961 (Movie)

Sweeney (Actor)

One-Eyed Jacks 1960 (Movie)

Bearded Townsman (Actor)

The Alamo 1960 (Movie)

Jocko Robertson (Actor)

The Hanging Tree 1959 (Movie)

Society Red (Actor)

The Buccaneer 1958 (Movie)

Deacon (Actor)

The Left-Handed Gun 1958 (Movie)

McSween (Actor)

The Oregon Trail 1958 (Movie)

Gabe Hastings (Actor)

Daughter of Dr Jekyll 1957 (Movie)

Jacob (Actor)

Valerie 1957 (Movie)


Jubal 1956 (Movie)

Carson (Actor)

Passion 1954 (Movie)

Escobar (Actor)

Prince Valiant 1954 (Movie)

Sir Tristram (Actor)

The Naked Jungle 1954 (Movie)

Gruber (Actor)

The Raid 1954 (Movie)

Corporal Dean (Actor)

Shane 1953 (Movie)

Morgan (Actor)

The Red Badge of Courage 1951 (Movie)


Macbeth 1948 (Movie)

Ross (Actor)