John Hackett


Actor (8)

Blood & Wine 1997 (Movie)

Gas Station Attendant (Actor)

Wolf 1994 (Movie)

Cop in Central Park (Actor)

Hoffa 1992 (Movie)

Bladesdale (Actor)

The Two Jakes 1990 (Movie)

Mark Bodine (Actor)

Harry and Walter Go to New York 1976 (Movie)

Ike Marsh (Actor)

Flight to Fury 1966 (Movie)

Al Ross (Actor)

Ride in the Whirlwind 1966 (Movie)

Sheriff's Aide (Actor)

Back Door to Hell 1964 (Movie)

Jersey (Actor)
Physical Effects (1)

Hoffa 1992 (Movie)

Writer (1)

Back Door to Hell 1964 (Movie)

Other (4)

Something's Gotta Give 2003 (Movie)

(for Mr Nicholson) (Stand-In)

The Evening Star 1996 (Movie)

photo doubles (Stand-In)

Man Trouble 1992 (Movie)


The Two Jakes 1990 (Movie)

(Jack Nicholson) (Stand-In)