John Ireland

Actor, Director, Professional swimmer
Tall, lean former professional swimmer who appeared on Broadway and toured in Shakespeare in the late 1930s and early 40s before entering film in the mid-40s. A supporting actor in several notable Westerns including "My ... Read more »
Born: 01/30/1914 in Vancouver, British Columbia, CA


Actor (88)

Der Wurger Kommt Auf Leisen Socken 2014 (Movie)


La Furie du Desir 2014 (Movie)


Waxwork II: Lost in Time 1993 (Movie)


Graveyard Story 1990 (Movie)


In Vino Veritas 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Montgomery Clift: His Place in the Sun 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Messenger of Death 1988 (Movie)

Zenas Beecham (Actor)

Sundown 1988 (Movie)

Jefferson (Actor)

Thunder Run 1986 (Movie)

George Adams (Actor)

Martin's Day 1985 (Movie)

Brewer (Actor)

El Tesoro del Amazones 1984 (Movie)

Priest (Actor)

Cassie and Company 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


The Delta Fox 1982 (Movie)

Lucas Johnson (Actor)

The Incubus 1981 (Movie)

Hank Walden (Actor)

Garden of Venus 1980 (Movie)


Guyana: Crime Of The Century 1980 (Movie)

Dave Cole (Actor)

The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


The Millionaire 1978 - 1979 (TV Show)


Bordello 1978 (Movie)

The Judge (Actor)

Guyana: Cult of the Damned 1978 (Movie)

Dave Cole (Actor)

Love and the Midnight Auto Supply 1978 (Movie)

Tony Santore (Actor)

The Shape of Things to Come 1978 (Movie)

Senator Smedley (Actor)

Maniac 1977 (Movie)


Satan's Cheerleaders 1977 (Movie)

The Sheriff (Actor)

Tomorrow Never Comes 1977 (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

Kino, the Padre on Horseback 1976 (Movie)


Quel Pomeriggio Maledetto 1976 (Movie)


Farewell, My Lovely 1975 (Movie)

Nulty (Actor)

Il Letto in Piazza 1974 (Movie)

Mr Milton (Actor)

Madam Kitty 1974 (Movie)

Clift (Actor)

Noi Non Siamo Angeli 1974 (Movie)


The Swiss Conspiracy 1974 (Movie)

Dwight McGowan (Actor)

The House of Seven Corpses 1973 (Movie)


Welcome to Arrow Beach 1973 (Movie)

Sheriff H "Duke" Bingham (Actor)

Habricha el Hashemesh 1971 (Movie)

Jacob Cagan (Actor)

The Adventurers 1970 (Movie)


La Sfida Dei Mackenna 1969 (Movie)


Arizona Bushwhackers 1968 (Movie)

Dan Shelby (Actor)

Villa Rides 1968 (Movie)

Dave--Man in Barber Shop (Actor)

Corri, Uomo, Corri 1967 (Movie)


Fort Utah 1966 (Movie)


I Saw What You Did 1964 (Movie)

Steve Marak (Actor)

55 Days at Peking 1963 (Movie)

Sergeant Harry (Actor)

The Ceremony 1963 (Movie)

Prison Warden (Actor)

The Fall of the Roman Empire 1963 (Movie)

Ballomar (Actor)

Wild in the Country 1961 (Movie)

Phil Macey (Actor)

Spartacus 1960 (Movie)

Crixus (Actor)

Party Girl 1958 (Movie)

Louis Canetto (Actor)

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957 (Movie)

Ringo (Actor)

Philco Television Playhouse 1948 - 1956 (TV Show)


The Gunslinger 1956 (Movie)

Cane Miro (Actor)

Queen Bee 1955 (Movie)

Judson Prentiss (Actor)

Security Risk 1954 (Movie)

Ralph Payne (Actor)

The Good Die Young 1954 (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

The 49th Man 1953 (Movie)

John Williams (Actor)

The Fast and the Furious 1953 (Movie)


Joan of Arc 1950 (Movie)

Capt. Jean de la Boussac (St. Severe) (Actor)

All the King's Men 1948 (Movie)

Jack Burden (Actor)

Red River 1948 (Movie)

Cherry (Actor)

My Darling Clementine 1946 (Movie)


A Southern Yankee (Movie)

Capt. Jed Calbern (Actor)

A Walk in the Sun (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Anna Lucasta (Movie)

Danny Johnson (Actor)

I Shot Jesse James (Movie)

Bob Ford (Actor)

Little Big Horn (Movie)

Lt. John Haywood (Actor)

Marilyn: The Untold Story (TV Show)


Mr. Soft Touch (Movie)

"Early" Byrd (Actor)

Open Secret (Movie)

Paul Lester (Actor)

Railroaded (Movie)

Duke Martin (Actor)

Rawhide (TV Show)


Red Mountain (Movie)

Quantrell (Actor)

Repeat Performance (Movie)

Narrator (Voice)

Repeat Performance (Movie)

Narrator (Actor)

Roughshod (Movie)

Lednov (Actor)

The Basketball Fix (Movie)

Pete Ferreday (Actor)

The Cheaters (TV Show)


The Gangster (Movie)

Karty (Actor)

The Phantom of Hollywood (TV Show)


The Power (Movie)


Tourist (TV Show)


Vengeance Valley (Movie)

Hub Fasken (Actor)

Wake up and Dream (Movie)

Howard Williams (Actor)


Tall, lean former professional swimmer who appeared on Broadway and toured in Shakespeare in the late 1930s and early 40s before entering film in the mid-40s. A supporting actor in several notable Westerns including "My Darling Clementine" (1946) and "Red River" (1948) and a lead in small noirs likes "Railroaded" (1947), Ireland was nominated for an Oscar for his forceful performance as the newspaper reporter who evolves from devotee to cynical denouncer of demagogue Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) in "All the King's Men" (1949).


Daphne Ireland


Michael Noonan


Katherine Noonan


Cameron Cameron

mother Daphne Myrick

Joanne Dru Actor


Elaine Gudmand


Katherine Ireland


Kathy Ireland Actor


John Ireland

born 1942 mother Elaine Sheldon appeared as an actor in "C'mon, Let's Live a Little" (1967) produced "Slumber Party '57" (1976)

Peter Ireland

born 1945 mother Elaine Sheldon

Daphne Myrick Cameron

Married 1962 until his death 1992

Tommy Noonan Actor

Died in 1968


studied theater at the Davenport Free Theater, New York City in the late 1930s

attended public schools in San Francisco and New York City; dropped out of school after seventh grade



Paid $2,000 for an ad in "Variety" that read, "I'm an actor. PLEASE let me work"; ad netted him a role as Jonathan Cartwright, the younger brother of Ben Cartwright in TV movie, "Bonanza: The Next Generation" (1988)


Played Lyman "Shack" Shackelford on "Cassie & Company"


Opened Ireland's Restaurant in Santa Barbara CA


Played Jed Colby on TV series, "Rawhide"


First TV series as regular, "The Cheaters"


Formed Gamin Productions


First film as co-director and co-producer (with Lee Garmes), "Outlaw Territory/Hannah Lee"


Co-founded Primrose Productions


TV debut in "Confession" on Philco Playhouse


Film debut in "A Walk in the Sun"


Signed by Fox, briefly under personal contract to Howard Hawks


Appeared on Broadway in "Counter Attack", "Doctors Disagree" and "A New Life"


Broadway stage debut as the First Murderer in "Macbeth"; production starred Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson


Toured with the Shakespearean Repertory Company


Apprenticed at Robin Hood, Arden, Delaware


Performed underwater stunts and worked as a barker at the Aqua Carnival

Sued two television producers for breach of contract and slander; accused them of reneging on starring him in the Ellery Queen series during the McCarthy period; Ireland accepted substantial cash settlement

Won Canadian swimming Marathon

Family moved to US when Ireland was a child; grew up in Harlem

Branded a deliquent and was sent to reform schools and summer camps

Toured with the Irish Repertory Players and Clare Tree Major's Children Theatre

Bonus Trivia


Wrote the lyrics to the song "No Head on My Pillow"