Katy Perry, John Mayer Are Suddenly an Old Married Couple — PIC

John Mayer Katy Perry carries purse

John Mayer and Katy Perry have only been dating since June, but the celebrity couple is moving fast. Really fast.

In fact, the couple skipped a few stages and headed straight for Old Married Couple as Mayer carried Perry’s (presumably?) purse on February 18 in LA. Just days earlier, wedding rumors started circulating after Mayer, 35, bought Perry, 28, a ring for Valentine’s Day (but sources close to the pair quickly denied the speculation). 

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Could the kinder, gentler John Mayer really be here to stay? The one-time oversharer has certainly come a long way since his infamous February 2010 interview, in which he spewed insane racist and sexist remarks all over the pages of Playboy. (Remember this quote? “My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a f*ckin’ David Duke c*ck.”)

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In comparison? Last month, he sounded downright domesticated talking about Perry. “I mean, I’m quite happy. I’m happy in all aspects of my life. I’m very happy in all aspects of my life,” he told Rolling Stone.

At this rate, don’t expect the couple to roll out a lavish A-List wedding in the next few months. They’ll be too busy hanging out with their family of cats, huddled under a macramé blanket, bickering over whether to watch Dr. Phil or Judge Judy.

[Photo Credit: Dean/MRM/NPG]

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