John Mayer’s New, Sexy Long Hair: Will It Help Him Score?

john mayerJohn Mayer is back, and in a good way. The singer-songwriter has a new do’ that’s sure to impress the ladies. In his new music video for “Shadow Days,” Mayer shows off his lovely, long locks. There’s something to be said about a man with nice hair and who can also play a guitar.

Mayer has never had a hard time courting the ladies. In fact, Mayer has dated everyone from Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Aniston to even the sweetly innocent Taylor Swift.  You can’t blame a girl for falling for this guy’s charms, but will his new do’ help him to create a new reputation in Hollywood? Or, will more girls be composing “Dear John” songs to him after he breaks their hearts?

Check out the music video below, and tell us what you think of Mayer’s new look.


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[Photo credit: Gari Askew]