John Miljan

Born: 11/09/1892 in Lead, South Dakota, USA


Actor (79)

The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold 1958 (Movie)

Tomache (Actor)

The Wild Dakotas 1956 (Movie)


Run For Cover 1955 (Movie)

Mayor Walsh (Actor)

Bonzo Goes to College 1951 (Movie)

Wilbur Crane (Actor)

M 1951 (Movie)


Stampede 1949 (Movie)

T. J. Furman (Actor)

Sinbad the Sailor 1947 (Movie)

Moga (Actor)

The Merry Monahans 1944 (Movie)

Arnold Pembroke, Has-Been Matinee Idol (Actor)

Bombardier 1942 (Movie)

Chaplain Charlie Craig (Actor)

Fallen Sparrow 1942 (Movie)


True to the Army 1941 (Movie)

Drake (Actor)

Texas Rangers Ride Again 1940 (Movie)


Emergency Squad 1939 (Movie)


Juarez 1939 (Movie)

Mariano Escobedo (Actor)

The Oklahoma Kid 1938 (Movie)

Ringo (Actor)

If I Were King 1937 (Movie)


The Plainsman 1936 (Movie)


Belle of the Nineties 1933 (Movie)

Ace Lamont (Actor)

What! No Beer? 1933 (Movie)

Butch Lorado (Actor)

The Kid From Spain 1931 (Movie)

Pancho (Actor)

Inspiration 1930 (Movie)


Susan Lenox, Her Fall and Rise 1930 (Movie)


Our Blushing Brides 1929 (Movie)

Martin Sanderson (Actor)

The Phantom of the Opera 1925 (Movie)

Valentine (Actor)

Adventure in Baltimore (Movie)

Mr. Eckert (Actor)

Are You Listening? (Movie)

Russell (Actor)

Arizona Mahoney (Movie)

Lloyd (Actor)

Bride by Mistake (Movie)

Maj. Harvey (Actor)

Charlie Chan in Paris (Movie)

Dufresno (Actor)

Devil May Care (Movie)

DeGrignon (Actor)

Double Cross (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

Gentleman's Fate (Movie)

Florio (Actor)

Glorious Betsy (Movie)

Preston (Actor)

Hell Divers (Movie)

Jack Griffin (Actor)

Husbands for Rent (Movie)

Hugh Frazer (Actor)

I Accuse My Parents (Movie)

Dan Wilson (Actor)

Innocents of Paris (Movie)

M. Renard (Actor)

It's in the Bag (Movie)

Arnold (Actor)

Lady Be Good (Movie)

Murray (Actor)

Land of the Silver Fox (Movie)

James Crawford (Actor)

Madame Spy (Movie)

Weber (Actor)

Man-Proof (Movie)

Tommy Gaunt (Actor)

Mississippi (Movie)

Maj. Patterson (Actor)

Mrs. Mike (Movie)

Mr. Howard (Actor)

Murder at Glen Athol (Movie)

Bill Holt (Actor)

New Moon (Movie)

Pierre Brugnon, Overseer (Actor)

Old San Francisco (Movie)

Don Luis (Actor)

Paid (Movie)

Inspector Burke (Actor)

Politics (Movie)

Curango (Actor)

Private Number (Movie)

Stapp (Actor)

Queen of the Mob (Movie)

Pan (Actor)

Riot Squad (Movie)

Grusso (Actor)

Romance Ranch (Movie)

Clifton Venable (Actor)

Rough House Rosie (Movie)

Lew McKay (Actor)

Samson and Delilah (Movie)

Lesh Lakish (Actor)

Son of India (Movie)

Juggat (Actor)

Submarine Alert (Movie)

Mr. Bambridge (Actor)

Sutter's Gold (Movie)

Gen. Juan Batista Alvarado (Actor)

That's My Man (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

The Beast of the City (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

The Big Street (Movie)

McWhirter (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Blonde (Movie)

Bob Roycroft (Actor)

The Ghost Walks (Movie)

Prescott Ames (Actor)

The Great Meadow (Movie)


The Killers (Movie)

Jake the Rake (Actor)

The Secret Six (Movie)

Smiling Joe Colimo (Actor)

The Unholy Three (Movie)

Prosecuting Attorney (Actor)

The Way to Love (Movie)

Marco (Actor)

The Wet Parade (Movie)

Maj. Doleshal (Actor)

Torchy Runs for Mayor (Movie)

Dr. Dolan (Actor)

Unashamed (Movie)

District Attorney Harris (Actor)

Unconquered (Movie)

Prosecutor (Actor)

Unknown Blonde (Movie)

Frank Wilson (Actor)

What Happened to Father (Movie)

Victor Smith (Actor)

Whirlpool (Movie)

Barney Gaige (Actor)

Whistling in the Dark (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

White Tie and Tails (Movie)

Mr. Latimer (Actor)

Wreckage (Movie)

Maurice Dysart (Actor)

Young Bill Hickok (Movie)

Nicholas Tower (Actor)


Victorie Lowe