John Slattery Longs For the Lady President in a New Music Video

One of our favorite silver foxes may not be returning to his post on Mad Men anytime soon (seriously, get it together, AMC) but he’s got ample time to prove that the Brooklyn-based band, The National, can actually have a sense of humor. In their new video for their single “Conversation 16” John Slattery plays a White House staffer who’s madly in love with the lady president (played by Kristen Schaal). Cut to shots of Slattery taking a bullet as Schaal claps and mouths “thank you,” him looking wistfully at the president, and a weird twist where she packs a presidential seal thong to go visit the Russian prime minister? It’s weird, it’s kind of disturbing, it’s almost sexy (?) but most importantly it’s hilarious. Besides, anything where Kristen Schaal gets to be cute and weird and John Slattery gets to be stoic and sexy is okay with me.

Source: MTV