John Switzer


Sound (12)

The Lost City 2006 (Movie)

Post Sound Coordinator(Danetracks, INC) (Sound)

The Guru 2003 (Movie)

Sound Effects Coordinator (Sound Effects)

She Gets What She Wants 2002 (Movie)

Sound Effects Coordinator (Sound Effects)

Sonny 2002 (Movie)

Sound Effects Coordinator(Soundstorm) (Sound Effects)

Heartbreakers 2001 (Movie)

sound effects coordinator (Sound Effects)

What's The Worst That Could Happen? 2001 (Movie)

Sound Effects Coordinator (Sound Effects)

Passion of Mind 2000 (Movie)

post-sound coordinator (Sound)

Dick 1999 (Movie)


Molly 1999 (Movie)

post-sound coordinator (Sound)

Slappy and the Stinkers 1998 (Movie)

(Assistant Sound Editor)

Very Bad Things 1998 (Movie)

post sound coordinator (Sound)

Playing God 1997 (Movie)

sound coordinator (Sound)
Music (2)

Zero Patience 1994 (Movie)

(Music Producer)

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing 1987 (Movie)

(Music Coordinator)
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

The Shape of Things 2003 (Movie)

(Special Effects Coordinator)