John Travolta Sexual Assault Accuser Number One Drops Lawsuit

ALTThe man who initially accused John Travolta of sexual assault has stepped out of the lawsuit against the actor. The male masseur, who went by the name John Doe One for the suit, at first, claimed that Travolta had assaulted him on Jan. 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel — but on Tuesday, he filed papers in Los Angeles, Calif. to drop the suit.

“Let’s just say we had differences in opinion of how to handle the case and decided to part ways,” the man’s attorney Okorie Okorocha tells People.

But, the lawsuit hasn’t completely disappeared yet. A second masseur, who uses the alias John Doe Two, is still standing by his claims that Travolta assaulted him in Atlanta. He is seeking $2 million in damages from the actor.


Second Masseur Sues John Tavolta for Sexual Battery

Masseur Sues John Travolta for Sexual Battery