John Wengraf

Born: 04/22/1897


Actor (21)

Ship of Fools 1965 (Movie)

Graf (Actor)

The Prize 1963 (Movie)

Hans Eckart (Actor)

Hitler 1961 (Movie)

Dr Morell (Actor)

Judgment at Nuremberg 1961 (Movie)

Dr Wieck (Actor)

Portrait in Black 1960 (Movie)

Dr Kessler (Actor)

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! 1957 (Movie)

Dr Krauss (Actor)

The Pride and the Passion 1957 (Movie)

Sermaine (Actor)

The Return of Dracula 1957 (Movie)

John Merriman (Actor)

Valerie 1957 (Movie)

Louis Horvat (Actor)

Never Say Goodbye 1956 (Movie)

Professor Zimmelman (Actor)

Gog 1954 (Movie)

Dr Zeltman (Actor)

Hell and High Water 1954 (Movie)

Colonel Schuman (Actor)

Paris Playboys 1954 (Movie)

Vidal (Actor)

The Racers 1954 (Movie)

Dr Tabor (Actor)

Flight to Tangier 1953 (Movie)

Kalferez (Actor)

The Desert Rats 1953 (Movie)

German Doctor (Actor)

The French Line 1953 (Movie)

1st Mate (Actor)

Five Fingers 1952 (Movie)


Tropic Zone 1952 (Movie)

Lukats (Actor)

T-Men 1948 (Movie)

Shiv (Actor)

Sahara 1942 (Movie)

Maj. Von Falken (Actor)