Johnny Depp Criticizes Ricky Gervais Over Golden Globe Jokes

Remember how at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, Ricky Gervais stood onstage and joked that the characters in Johnny Depp‘s movie, The Tourist, weren’t particularly believable or compelling, and essentially slammed Depp’s acting skills? Right, well Depp finally got his revenge when he participated in Gervais’ upcoming comedy series called Life’s Too Short. In the clip provided below, we see Depp casually march into Gervais’ office, toss a few cigarette ashes in his direction, and effortlessly demean Gervais’ career and accomplishments. It’s pretty enjoyable but the sad part is that we’ll never get to see Depp’s best work, because this is proof it indubitably takes place when teachers are trying to inform him of his kids’ progress in school.

Source: Huffpo