Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson Cover “You’re So Vain”

Johnny DeppDip your hat strategically below one eye and don your apricot scarf—this news is worth suiting up. Singer-songwriter Carly Simon’s multi-generational classic “You’re So Vain” is about to be covered. Ordinarily, this sort of news would be worthy of an eye roll or a scoff, but this is different. The duo covering the iconic pop ballad is Marilyn Manson and—here’s the kicker—Johnny Depp.

No, this is not a dream (despite the clouds in your coffee). Rocker Manson and actor Depp, who dabbles in the musical realm, are teaming up to cover “You’re So Vain” on Manson’s studio set Born Villain. It is yet unsaid what new spin the pair will put on Simon’s song. But considering the parties, a spin is inevitable.

Superstar Depp has shared a friendship with Manson for years now. Manson accompanied Depp to the 2006 premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The two have collaborated before—they both appeared in the 1999 documentary Where It’s At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union. and Manson’s song “The Nobodies” was featured in Depp’s 2001 horror film From Hell. The two makes a pretty pair. Let’s hope neither of them ever leaves. 

Born Villain will release on May 1, along with this generation-changing musical adaptation.