Jolie Named’s Entertainer of the Year asked users to select this year’s Entertainer of the Year, and the people have spoken.

Voters picked Angelina Jolie as the landslide winner—and it’s no wonder: Jolie ruled the headlines and kept us wanting more with her tireless humanitarianism, her A-list relationship with Brad Pitt and everything in between. Oh, and a blockbuster movie with Mr. Pitt–Mr. and Mrs. Smith–didn’t hurt, either. She received 30 percent of users’ votes. Behind Jolie at No. 2 was Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal, racking up 16 percent of the votes. George Clooney, perhaps the busiest entertainer this year, received 12 percent of the votes, good for a third place finish. At No. 4 was Jessica Alba, who appeared in Sin CityFantastic Four and Into the Blue in 2005 with 11 percent. Rounding out the top five was Tom Cruise, who, as you well know, had quite the interesting year, to say the least. He earned 10 percent of the votes. Here are the top five with the percentage of votes captured:

Rank Name Percent of Vote
1 Angelina Jolie 30%
2 Jake Gyllenhaal 16%
3 George Clooney 12%
4 Jessica Alba 11%
5 Tom Cruise 10% also researched to find out who was the most searched celebrity on the site, tallying all search terms up to this point. Who’s the year’s most sought-after celebrity? None other than Paris Hilton, proving once again that there’s no such thing as bad press. Hilton beat out Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson—second and third, respectively—to claim the title of the Most Searched Celeb of 2005. Click here for the full feature. Here are the top 10 celebrities searched on in 2005:

Rank Name
1 Paris Hilton
2 Pamela Anderson
3 Jessica Simpson
4 Jennifer Aniston
5 Anna Nicole Smith
6 Brad Pitt
6 Katie Holmes
8 Angelina Jolie
8 Christine Taylor
10 Renee Zellweger