Jolie-Pitt Style: Lipstick at 3! How Vivienne and Her Siblings Are Turning Heads

Look out Suri Cruise: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is becoming quite the fashionista. Though her parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are infinitely famous, their 3-year-old daughter is raking in quite a bit of attention after being spotted wearing bright red lipstick while on an outing with Mother Angie and sister Shiloh (see below).


Vivienne and Shiloh head to the movies at El Capitain Theater in Hollywood

(Photo Credit: Ginsberg Spaly)

Along with rocking the crimson lip color, Vivienne wore a black and white dress, gold lamé pants, and red slip-on sneakers. For such a youngster, she certainly seems to have developed her own style and the same can be said for the entire Jolie-Pitt brood. Throughout the years, all six of the Jolie-Pitt children have impressed – and sometimes confuse – the world with their diverse and eccentric wardrobes choices.

While Shiloh, 5, is known for her tomboy style that consists mostly of shorts and T-shirts (or what Angelina Jolie refers to as her “Montenegro Style”), Vivienne and Zahara’s styles tend to portray more of a girly-girl aspect. The two of them are constantly seen donning pretty dresses and fashionable footwear.

As for the boys, Maddox has set many trends over the years. Whether he’s rocking faux fur jackets or sporting a snazzy hat, this guy’s fashion-forward thinking has made many call him one of Hollywood’s best dressed kids. Plus he can rock a mohawk like no other. And to further solidify his inevitable rock star image, Brad Pitt bought his eldest son a guitar just last week. Oh yeah, this guy is going to be a lady-killer for sure. Like father, like son.

Meanwhile, Pax and Knox are known for their casual, cool outfit selections. While Knox successful pulls off the whole cardigan and jeans look, Pax opts for a more outdoor-y feel, sometimes sporting cargo khakis pants and a matching jacket.

If this keeps up, all these kids will be red carpet ready within the next few years. Now if they can just get their mom’s famous leg pose down, then they’ll be media gold.