Jon Lovitz Calls President Obama a ‘F**king A**hole’

Jon LovitzIn the old days, Saturday Night Live icon Jon Lovitz made a living by criticizing the antics of presidential candidate Michael Dukakis through impressions. Now, Lovitz’s political target has changed, as have his methods. On the fourth episode of Lovitz’s own podcast, The ABCs of SNL (co-hosted by filmmaker Kevin Smith), the comedian engaged in a heated, obscenity-laden critique of President Barack Obama. At one point, Lovitz referred to the president as “a f**king a**hole.”

Lovitz went into detail on his negative perspective of the president, highlighting the latter’s position on taxes. “This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f**king b*llsh*t,” he said. “If I make a dollar, and I’m taxed at fifty cents, isn’t that enough? So for every dollar you make, you have to give two dollars back. ‘No, that’s not right. You’re not paying enough.’ It’s half. Half! And then they go, ‘The rich people have all these deductions.’ Well, everyone in this room has the same deductions. You just didn’t learn about it.”

Although Lovitz qualified his rant by remarking, “I voted for the guy. I’m a democrat” — does it seem like the master thespian is wholeheartedly behind his controversial statements? Or, is this just an act?

(Picture Credit: WENN)


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