Jonah Hall


Visual Effects & Animation (9)

Flags of Our Fathers 2006 (Movie)

Computer Graphics Supervisor(Digital Domain) (Graphics)

Cinderella Man 2005 (Movie)

Technical Developer(Digital Domain) (Visual Effects)

Sahara 2005 (Movie)

Computer & Video Technician(AVC Productions Ltd.) (Software Engineer)

Stealth 2005 (Movie)

Technical Developer(Digital Domain) (Software Engineer)

The Day After Tomorrow 2004 (Movie)

CG Effects Animation Lead(Digital Domain) (Animator)

The Flight of the Phoenix 2004 (Movie)

(Digital Domain) (CG Supervisor)

The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000 (Movie)

digital artist & animator(Pacific Data Images/visual effects & animation) (Animator)

Forces of Nature 1999 (Movie)

digital artist & animator(digital visual effects/Pacific Data Images) (Animator)

The Prince of Egypt 1998 (Movie)

digital effects(("Red Sea" sequence)) (Visual Effects)
Director (1)

Metropopular 1999 (Movie)

Other (1)

Time Machine 2002 (Movie)

TD(Digital Domain/special visual effects & digital animation) (Other)