Jonas Brothers Reveal Ideal Girlfriend

Jonas Brothers Reveal Ideal Girlfriend

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have described how a girl who respects her mother and doesn’t complain would make their ideal girlfriend.

The sibling trio, who look set to top the U.S. album chart this week, August 11, were being quizzed about what qualities they seek in a potential


Joe, 18, says he would hate a girlfriend that constantly whined at him, explaining, “If they are nagging and annoying, you’re like, ‘Go away’.”

Eldest member Kevin, 20,  admits that he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend. 

He says, “We’re not ever really with people, ’cause (sic) we’re always traveling. And you get on the phone and they’re like, ‘My day is awful, blah,’ and you’re like, ‘This is not what I need right now!'”

But Nick, 15, who dated Miley Cyrus and is now reportedly romancing Disney star Selena Gomez, shows he has a softer side than his brothers.

When quizzed about his ideal girl, he said: “They have to be good to their moms.”

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