Jordan Chan

Born: 07/08/1967


Actor (31)

Fooling Around Jiang Hu 2016 (Movie)


Trivisa 2016 (Movie)


Ip Man: The Final Fight 2013 (Movie)

Tang Shing (Actor)

The Last Dragon 2012 (Movie)


Gangsters 2010 (Movie)


Midnight Taxi 2009 (Movie)

Xu Zi (Actor)

Bet of Basic 2006 (Movie)


Men Suddenly in Black 2 2006 (Movie)


The Shopaholics 2006 (Movie)


Wo Hu 2006 (Movie)

Fei (Actor)

Taumanchi D 2005 (Movie)

Kyouichi Sudou (Actor)

Throwdown 2005 (Movie)


Escape from Hong Kong Island 2004 (Movie)


Colour of the Truth 2003 (Movie)


Men Suddenly in Black 2003 (Movie)

Cheung (Actor)

Next Stop Tin Lau 2003 (Movie)


Degrassi: The Next Generation 2002 (Tv Show)


San Tau Chi Saidoi 2000 (Movie)

Bird (Actor)

Tin Yau Ngan 2000 (Movie)

Hak (Actor)

Lat sau wui cheun 1999 (Movie)

Jim (Actor)

A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation 1997 (Movie)

Voice of Mountain Evil (Actor)

A Queer Story 1997 (Movie)

Sonny (Actor)

Enter the Eagles 1997 (Movie)


Kitchen 1997 (Movie)

Louie (Actor)

Young and Dangerous 3 1996 (Movie)


Young and Dangerous 4 1996 (Movie)

Chicken (Actor)

God of the Gamblers 3: The Early Stage 1995 (Movie)

Lone Ng (Actor)

Jintian Bu Huijia 1995 (Movie)

chan Siu-chun (Actor)

The Big Bullet 1995 (Movie)


Young and Dangerous 1995 (Movie)

Chicken (Actor)

Young and Dangerous 2 1995 (Movie)

Chicken (Actor)