Jose Luis Gonzalez


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (10)

Hail, Caesar! 2016 (Movie)

(Rigging Grip)

Sully 2016 (Movie)

(Rigging Grip)

Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 (Movie)

(Rigging Grip)

The Impossible 2012 (Movie)

Super Phoenixcrane Technician (Car & Crane) (Crane Grip)

Fast & Furious 2009 (Movie)

(Rigging Grip)

Frost/Nixon 2008 (Movie)

(Rigging Grip)

Iron Man 2008 (Movie)


The Others 2001 (Movie)

(Key Grip)

Dollar For the Dead 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Key Grip

Tango 1998 (Movie)

(Dolly Grip)
Actor (1)

Land and Freedom 1996 (Movie)

Man on the Roof (Actor)