Joseph Pelliccio


Other (14)

Search Party 2016 (Movie)


Dark Places 2015 (Movie)


Olympus Has Fallen 2013 (Movie)

Picture Car Mechanic/Fuel Truck (Transportation)

The Iceman 2013 (Movie)

Picture Vehicle Mechanic (Transportation)

Playing For Keeps 2012 (Movie)

Fuel Truck Driver (Driver)

Drive Angry 2011 (Movie)

Picture Car Mechanic (Transportation)

Trespass 2011 (Movie)

Mechanic (Transportation)

Leaves of Grass 2010 (Movie)

Mechanic / Fuel Truck Driver (Driver)

Mad Money 2008 (Movie)

Fuel Truck Driver/ Mechanic (Driver)

W. 2008 (Movie)


Cleaner 2007 (Movie)

Picture Car Mechanic (Driver)

Mr. Brooks 2007 (Movie)


My Mom's New Boyfriend 2007 (Movie)


Premonition 2007 (Movie)