Joseph Viskocil


Physical Effects (31)

Source Code 2011 (Movie)

Pyrotechnics Consultant (Pyrotechnics)

Skyline 2010 (Movie)

Pyrotechnic Supervisor(Additional Photography) (Pyrotechnics)

Impostor 2002 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor(Cinema Productions Services/visual effects miniatures) (Pyrotechnics)

Star Trek: Nemesis 2002 (Movie)

Lead Pyro Technician(Digital Domain) (Pyrotechnics)

Family Under Siege 2001 (Movie)

(Miniature Effects Unit) (Pyrotechnics)

Arlington Road 1999 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor (Pyrotechnics)

Virus 1999 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor(Fantasy II Film Effects Inc) (Pyrotechnics)

Alien Resurrection 1997 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor(visual effects unit) (Pyrotechnics)

Independence Day 1996 (Movie)

miniature pyrotechnics supervisor (Pyrotechnics)

Peter Benchley's The Beast 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


Apollo 13 1995 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor (Pyrotechnics)

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 1995 (Movie)

pyrotechnician(miniature unit) (Pyrotechnics)

Lord of Illusions 1995 (Movie)

(Fantasy II) (Pyrotechnics)

Magic in the Water 1995 (Movie)


Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 (Movie)

pyrotechnics supervisor (Pyrotechnics)

In the Army Now 1994 (Movie)

pyrotechniques (Pyrotechnics)

On Deadly Ground 1994 (Movie)

miniature pyrotechnician chief(Stetson Visual Services) (Pyrotechnics)

Toys 1992 (Movie)


Suburban Commando 1991 (Movie)

pyrotechnician (Pyrotechnics)

Bat 21 1988 (Movie)


Masters of the Universe 1987 (Movie)

pyro technician (Pyrotechnics)

Nightflyers 1987 (Movie)

(Fantasy II Film Effects) (Pyrotechnics)

Student Confidential 1987 (Movie)


Quiet Cool 1986 (Movie)


The Dungeonmaster 1986 (Movie)

pyro effects(Stone Canyon) (Pyrotechnics)

The Terminator 1984 (Movie)

pyrotechnic effects (Pyrotechnics)

Spacehunter 1983 (Movie)


The Empire Strikes Back 1980 (Movie)

miniature pyrotechnics (Pyrotechnics)

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (TV Show)


No Way Back (TV Show)


Shredderman Rules (TV Show)

Visual Effects & Animation (28)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 (Movie)

Miniature FX Supervisor(Miniatures Unit) (Miniatures)

The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman 2006 - 2007 (Tv Show)

Special Effects

Team America: World Police 2004 (Movie)

(Special Effects Supervisor)

Panic Room 2002 (Movie)

(Special Effects Supervisor)

Battlefield Earth 2000 (Movie)

miniature special effects supervisor (Special Effects Supervisor)

Anywhere But Here 1999 (Movie)

(additional photography unit) (Special Effects Coordinator)

Gen-X Cops 1999 (Movie)

(Special Effects Supervisor)

Godzilla 1998 (Movie)

miniature special effects supervisor(Sight Line Productions/model & miniature photography) (Special Effects Supervisor)

Volcano 1997 (Movie)

miniature pyro/mechanical effects supervisor(visual effects/miniature unit) (Effects Supervisor)

Independence Day 1996 (Movie)

mechanical effects supervisor (Effects Supervisor)

Clifford 1994 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Barton Fink 1991 (Movie)

(Special Effects Foreman)

Suburban Commando 1991 (Movie)

B&B special effects crew (Special Effects)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 (Movie)

(4-Ward) (Special Effects Supervisor)

Darkman 1990 (Movie)

(4Ward) (Special Effects)

Call From Space 1989 (Movie)

mechanical effects (Mechanical Special Effects)

Hired to Kill 1989 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation 1989 (Movie)

mechanical effects(Screaming Mad George) (Mechanical Special Effects)

The Abyss 1989 (Movie)

(Los Angeles) (Special Effects Coordinator)

Bad Dreams 1988 (Movie)

special visual effects(Fantasy II) (Special Effects)

The Blob 1988 (Movie)

post-production mechanical effects (Special Effects)

Critters 1986 (Movie)

modelmaker (Visual Effects)

House 1986 (Movie)

(Mechanical Special Effects)

The Boy Who Could Fly 1986 (Movie)

special effects technician(Boss Film) (Special Effects)

Vamp 1986 (Movie)

(Image Engineering) (Special Effects)

Return of the Living Dead 1985 (Movie)

nuclear explosion (Visual Effects)

Star Wars 1977 (Movie)

miniatures explosions (Miniatures)

Secret Sins of the Father (TV Show)

Special Effects
Executive (9)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 (Movie)

Pyrotechnic Supervisor(Cinema Production Services Inc) (Supervisor)

Scream 3 2000 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(special visual effects) (Supervisor)

Mafia! 1998 (Movie)

pyro supervisor(Stargate Films/miniature and plate photography) (Supervisor)

Johnny Mnemonic 1995 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor (Supervisor)

Interview With the Vampire 1994 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(Digital Domain) (Supervisor)

True Lies 1994 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(Digital Domain) (Supervisor)

Matinee 1993 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(Stetson Visual Services) (Supervisor)

Batman Returns 1992 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(Stetson Visual Services) (Supervisor)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 (Movie)

pyrotechnic supervisor(Fantasy II) (Supervisor)
Camera, Film, & Tape (2)

America Behind Closed Doors 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


The Puppetoon Movie 1987 (Movie)

book photo(George Pal) (Photography)