Josh Harnett Vacations with Mystery Woman Down Under

Josh Harnett Vacations with Mystery Woman Down Under

Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett

Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett has added fuel to rumors that his relationship with Scarlett Johansson is on the rocks after being caught vacationing with a mystery woman in Australia.

While on a break from filming in New Zealand, Hartnett spent the weekend in Sydney, Australia, with a mystery woman as reports began to surface that his relationship with Johansson may be over.

Members of the press caught up with the couple as they prepared to leave Sydney late Sunday with an angry Hartnett telling photographers to “get f**ked” as they walked through the airport.

His brunette companion–wearing dark glasses, a hat and trying to cover her face with her bag and jacket–bolted into the terminal to avoid being photographed.

The couple had previously spent the weekend holed up at hotel Blue in the Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo.

Earlier, the couple had eaten at a nearby restaurant Salon Blanc, for the third time in two days, sitting discretely in a back corner of the celebrity hotspot at Woolloomooloo Wharf to avoid attention.

According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the pair stopped at the restaurant for tapas on Saturday afternoon and dinner and cocktails later that night, before returning again Sunday.

Hartnett was in Australia while on a brief break from filming the horror flick 30 Days of Night in New Zealand.

Media reports suggested a rift between Hartnett and Johansson was developing because of long time periods spent apart while they were both filming in different parts of the world.

Johansson is currently in England filming The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman.

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