Josh Hutcherson: Astonished By His ‘Peetaphile’ Fans

ALTTalk about crazy fans. Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark in the hit new movie The Hunger Games, is just learning what it’s like to have a pack fans pulling wild stunts to get his attention. Hutcherson opens up about the insane signs people have made for him along his Hunger Games journey.

At the beginning, it seemed that Hutcherson’s fans were just a regular, wholesome crew writing typical cutesy signs like, “We Love Peeta.” But then his fans grew more intense. 
First, Hutcherson was asked to do a threesome. Then, one fan claimed to be a “Peetaphile.” But the worst came when someone combined his character’s name with that of Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen. 
“There’s Peeta and there’s Katniss,” Hutcherson explains. “And you know they like to combine names like Brangelina — and Peeta and Katniss can lead to ‘Peeniss.’” Though he was surprised when he was presented with this sign, Hutcherson didn’t shy away from the crowd. He instead held it up like a proud Games champion. 
Wow. Hutcherson sure does have some intense fans. But, is this the craziest fan story that you have ever heard? Watch Peeta’s interview with Team Coco below.

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