Exclusive: Josie Ho Tells All

Josie HoMILK X Magazine

Josie Ho — singer and actress from Hong Kong — gives us a sneak peek into her role in the horror flick Open Grave. She describes what it takes to star in a such a terrifying film and how it actually speaks to the human inside us all. 

What sets Open Grave apart from other horror movies? What will viewers find unique?

The script for starters. The way the storytelling reveals the truth little by little as the film progresses. You don’t know the whole picture until the end of the movie!

Tell us a little about your character? What was your process preparing for the role?

I play a mute girl from China who doesn’t know English, but it appears that I am the key to solving the mystery, so I must attempt different ways to gain the others’ trust without words.  With no dialogue, I had to figure out my own body language and facial expressions.  This took a lot of practice before filming since it was my first time portraying a mute character while acting.

How was it working with director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego?

He gives actors a lot of freedom and he even asked us to block our own scenes. He would then setup the camera to capture where we wanted to be while filming.  I have a lot to learn from that because we don’t get so much freedom due to budget in Hong Kong, but I did sometimes feel lost with too much freedom in scenes, haha!

How were the relationships between cast mates filming such an intense movie? At any point does it ever get scary while filming this type of movie, or are you all laughing in between takes?

Really good actually! Most of us didn’t know each other before filming, but one week into production we became friends.  Sometimes we’d play cards at night, but I lose from time to time!

Anything more you can share from the experience filming?  

It was kinda cold in Hungary at the time of filming, but I had to wear just a single layer tee for the character throughout the entire film, so I was pretty chilly the whole time!

What is next for you?

I just finished a role in a Hong Kong film called Naked Ambition 3D, and next month I am going to star in a film called Badminton, which is produced by my 852 Films and directed by Derek Kwok.  Both projects are comedies. When I was younger, I was more concerned about hitting the marks and trying to be in serious dramas.  But now, I just wanna let loose gearing a bit more towards comedy.  Just like The Joker says, “Why so serious?” This has become the new agenda in my career!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Please go see Open Grave. You may find yourself awakened after watching this film, as it is about humanity.

Open Grave is available via Premium VOD & iTunes on 12/31/13 with theatrical release on 1/3/2014.