Judd Apatow Advises James Franco On Hosting The Oscars

How has nobody considered the possibility that James Franco is insane? Seriously, how has nobody considered it? It seems, like, pretty obvious to me because he’s writing this, that, and the other thing while taking classes at Yale AFTER TAKING CLASSES AT COLUMBIA, while acting in movies and, like, writing his own movies, and probably running a pet neutering business on the side. So explain it to me! Explain to me how James Franco, a perfectly smiley guy with tons of money and no real need to do anything, is consumed with doing everything he can think of and a whole bunch of stuff that he decidedly DOESN’T NEED to do? Why isn’t he just taking on one project a year and letting that be enough? That would make us take his work much more seriously, you know, because as it is now, he’s behind every corner and it’s like “ahhh! Enough, bro!” But if he was more chilled out and only made one movie a year, I think, we’d come out in full force for him because if he got off the couch to make it, it would mean that it was something we really needed to see. But as it is now, it’s like “oh, another Franco movie? I don’t need to see it. There’ll always be another one!” I think it would just be a great business decision if he just wasn’t such a slutoceros. I mean, Jack Nicholson hardly ever does shit, so when he does something like go to a Laker’s game, it’s a HUUUUGE deal! This is how Columbia and Yale is educating our youth? Disgust!

But, oh, look. Another James Franco video. Here, he’s asking Judd Apatow for advice on how to host the Oscars. Cute, Franco. You’re so cute. (DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? You see what I mean.)

Source: Funny or Die