Judd Miller


Music (18)

Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 (Movie)

Score Programming (Score Mixing)

Lovewrecked 2006 - 2007 (TV Show)


I Am David 2004 (Movie)

EVI Performer (Performer)

Ghosts of the Abyss 2003 (Movie)

Synthesizers (Music Engineer)

Holes 2003 (Movie)

Synthesizer (Performer)

The Hulk 2003 (Movie)

Score Programming (Music Engineer)

She Gets What She Wants 2002 (Movie)

Electronic Programming (Music Engineer)

3,000 Miles to Graceland 2001 (Movie)

Musician (Music)

Boys and Girls 2000 (Movie)

Electronic Valve Instrument (Music)

Virus 1999 (Movie)

synthesizer (Performer)

Very Bad Things 1998 (Movie)

musician (Music)

Breakdown 1997 (Movie)

evi soloist (Soloist)

A Simple Twist of Fate 1994 (Movie)

Ewi soloist (Soloist)

A Perfect World 1993 (Movie)

EVI solos performer (Soloist)

Supercop 1992 (Movie)

synthesizers programmer & performer (Performer)

Vital Signs 1990 (Movie)

musician (Music)

No Way Out 1987 (Movie)

musician (Music)

The Mosquito Coast 1986 (Movie)

(Electronic Ensemble) (Performer)
Other (12)

Skipped Parts 2001 (Movie)

electric valve instrument performer (Other)

She's All That 1999 (Movie)

EVI (Other)

Simpatico 1999 (Movie)

EVI (Other)

Pecker 1998 (Movie)

EVI (Other)

Quest for Camelot 1998 (Movie)

EVI(intrumental soloist) (Other)

Boys 1996 (Movie)

EVI performer (Other)

Flipper 1996 (Movie)

electronic valve instrument (Other)

The Pallbearer 1996 (Movie)

EVI performer (Other)

Silent Fall 1994 (Movie)

Evi performer (Other)

Airborne 1993 (Movie)

evi (Other)

Indian Summer 1993 (Movie)

Shrek King (Other)

After Dark, My Sweet 1990 (Movie)

electronic ensemble performer (Other)