Julianne Hough Defends Her ‘Footloose’ Remake

Some Footloose fanatics feel the upcoming remake of the film is a mistake and will only sodden the memory of the Kevin Bacon classic. But in an interview with MTV News, members of the latest Footloose cast speak out about all the remake misconceptions and suggest fans “cut loose” and enjoy the show. Ziah Colon, who plays Rusty in the upcoming flick, states, “I think that there is a lot of misinformation, and then there are people that are upset that it’s too similar and there are people that are upset that it’s not similar enough. It’s a fun movie. Go watch it. Have fun!” Miles Tiller, who plays the lovable Willard, even admits that nothing compares to the original classic, but it’s time to move on and provide something new for the next generation. He promises, “We’re not gonna take your childhood dreams and just, like, wring them of any importance. We understand that it’s a very important film for people and that some of them saw it at an age where it really spoke to them. We’re just trying to give a new generation of fans this story. So you should be OK with that.”

As the new leading lady, Julianne Hough is also feeling the pressure to live up to the standards that fans hold for this movie. The dancer-turned-singer addresses a couple of misconceptions she’s heard about the film, stating, “[People] think that it’s going to be a dance movie, which it’s really not — the original was a drama with dancing in it — but also that it’s a remake that’s going to suck, because a lot of remakes kind of, you know, butcher the original one. Those are the two misconceptions. One, it’s not a dance movie, and two, I think we really did it justice and made it our own but kept what needed to be there.” Well unless Kevin Bacon makes a cameo appearance then they didn’t keep everything that needed to be in there, but I’m willing to give it a chance. With the end of an era comes the beginning of a new one, so maybe this remake (which hits theaters this Friday) will make us want to kick off our Sunday shoes and think — Kevin who?

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Source: MTV