Lawsuit Against IMDb for Publishing Actress’ Real Age Dismissed in Court

Credit: Gene Johnson/AP Photo

Junie Hoang is 41 years old. I just wanted you all to know, and you can verify it on her IMDb page now and forever. She’s not so happy about that and therefore sued the popular website that decides all of your arguments about who has and who has not won an Oscar, saying that having her real age on the site cost her a career in the movies. That suit has now been dismissed. 

On Thursday, a jury in a Seattle federal court dismissed the $1 million lawsuit. Apparently no one thought that the Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver actress’ career prospects were injured by everyone knowing her real age. She told the Associated Press, “My hope was that it would make a change in the database. I knew it was a problem not just for me but for anyone else who had their age on their profile.” It doesn’t seem to be a problem for any of these actresses who are big stars in Hollywood, so maybe her lack of success has less to do with her age and more to do with her decision to be in Exotic Dancers of Houston

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