Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton are Cool Now

Credit: Bruno Press/Pacific Coast News; FayesVision/WENN

Shortly after the infamous bucket-pee, “f*ck Bill Clinton” video emerged, Justin Bieber is trying to make things right with the former president. In a tweet Wednesday night, the Biebs revealed that he had spoken to Clinton and all is well between them. 

In case you missed the controversial video that went viral on Wednesday, all you need to know is that someone caught Bieber on tape, urinating into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a nightclub. He is later shown squirting a spray bottle of liquid at a photo of President Bill Clinton, shouting, “F*ck Bill Clinton!” We’re not sure exactly what beef the Canadian pop star has with the former President of the United States, but his aggression seemed a little displaced.

Anyway, we’re just glad to know that the 19-year-old singer and the former president have patched things up. Clinton did not tweet back at Bieber, but according to E! News, the commander-in-chief was not terribly offended by the incident, telling the young star something along the lines of, “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.” 

Phew! Well, thank goodness that’s all squared away, and we can stop losing sleep at night. But we can’t help but wonder, if we yell insults at a photo of Bill Clinton, will we get to meet him too?

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