A Complete Ranking of Justin Bieber’s Bad Behavior

Justin Bieber MugshotSplash News

Looks like that streak of bad luck is going to continue for Justin Bieber: the pop star was arrested in Miami early Thursday morning on charges of drag racing, driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. According to the Miami Beach Police Department, Bieber had his entourage — including his father, Jeremy Bieber — block off a street in a residential area so that he could race with his friend, Def Jam rapper Khalil. The two were caught driving twice the speed limit, and when officers went to investigate, the pop star appeared to be in a “stupor” and smelled strongly of alcohol.

When police asked Bieber exit the vehicle, he began cursing at them, and after he finally got out of his rented Lamborghini, he kept reaching for his pants pocket, despite the officer’s request for him to put his hands on the car. When they went to perform a pat down, Bieber reportedly became belligerent, screaming and cursing at the cops until they placed him under arrest. He was brought to the Miami Beach Police Department, where he was issued a field sobriety test, which he failed. Over the course of the investigation, he admitted to drinking alcohol, smoking pot, and taking prescription drugs prior to his arrest. Bieber was then brought to jail around 10 AM, where he was booked. 

The Biebs has had a rough time recently, and the last few months have been full of scandals and brushes with the law. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. We’ve rounded up all of Bieber’s terrible antics into one convenient list, and ranked all of his actions from bad, to worse, to worst

27. Declared his retirement on Christmas Eve (December 2013)
Was photographed smoking pot (January 2013)
25. Showed up to a concert in London two hours late on a school night; booed by fans (March 2013)
24. Kicked out of a nightclub in Chicago for drinking underage (July 2013)
23. Hosted a loud party at his home, which provoked neighbors to call the cops three times (November 2013)
22. Created graffiti on a hotel in Australia (November 2013) Was stopped at the Canadian border under suspicion of a tour bus connected with his tour having drugs on board (July 2013)
21. Got evicted from a London nightclub on his birthday for stinking the place up with pot and accused of attempting to sneak in his underage friend Jaden Smith; Bieber denied that accusation (March 2013)
20. Rumored to have had three bongs, two large cookie jars filled with pot, and the ingredients for Sizzurp in his house; cops were unable to seize any of it, because it would have exceeded their warrant; LA Sheriff’s department denied the claims (January 2014)
19. Got detained at customs in Australia for suspicion of drug possession and using foul language (December 2013)
18. Forced his bodyguards to carry him up the Great Wall of China (October 2013)
17. Got into a fight with a paparazzo; assault charges were never filed (May 2012)
16. Got into a “scuffle” with a DJ in South Korea who refused to play his requests (October 2013)
15. Was photographed apparently spitting on his fans; Bieber denies that’s what happened (July 2013)
14. Allegedly spit at a DJ, who filed a police report for the incident (July 2013)
13. Allegedly started a bar brawl in a New York nightclub, although he wasn’t personally involved in the fight (August 2013)
12. Peed in a bucket in the kitchen of a restaurant where he was eating (July 2013)
11. Was rumored to have cheated on Selena Gomez, causing their break-up (February 2013)
10. Got charged with a driving offense for driving up to 100 MPH in an attempt to lose the paparazzi that were following him (July 2012)
9. Groped a stripper at a strip club (October 2013)
8. Allegedly had drugs and a stun gun on his tour bus in Sweden, apprehended by police (April 2013)
7. Got himself barred from Germany for not paying an outstanding $800,000 fine (August 2013)
6. Was photographed coming out of a brothel in Brazil; the girl he allegedly slept with released a video of him sleeping online (November 2013)
5. Accused of egging his neighbor’s house and causing $20,000 worth of damages, making it a felony; Bieber’s house was searched and his friend Lil Za was arrested (January 2014)
4. Accused of spitting at and threatening to kill his neighbor, who confronted him about his reckless driving; no charges were filed (October 2013)
3. Allegedly hit a paparazzo with his car; charges were later dismissed (July 2013)
2. Got arrested on charges of drag racing in a residential area, driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license (January 2014)
1. Abandoned his pet monkey, OG Mally, in Germany after the animal was seized when Bieber couldn’t produce the right paperwork to take it on tour (March 2013)

Here’s hoping you can turn things around soon, Bieber.