How’s This for Swag: Justin Bieber Banned From Skydiving Facility for Life

Credit: Bruno Press/Pacific Coast News

In Justin Bieber‘s latest act of douchebaggery, the 19-year-old pop star has surpassed our expectations and earned a lifetime ban from an indoor skydiving facility. 

E! News reports  that the teen hearthrob is not allowed back inside Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving following his behavior on Sunday, June 16. After arriving just before closing, Justin agreed to post a photo of himself midflight to promote the center rather than pay the $1,600 fee for his group to fly. In typical Biebs fashion, he partied like it was 3012… and then never posted the picture. According to a source, Justin “actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did.” In fact, Biebs and Co. reportedly left without paying or tipping the staff at all. Hmm… interesting behavior for Forbes’ 3rd Most Powerful Celebrity with a net worth of a filthy $110 million.

Even if the staff was willing to let him get away with his actions just this one time, Bieber and his security team were reportedly also “a disrespectful bunch,” creating a huge mess in the bathroom. The pop icon, who cuddled up next to one less lonely girl at the facility was “very standoff-ish toward mostly everyone outside of his crew,” says a source, who also adds that he was “very disconnected from reality.”

Where’s your compassion, J-Biebs? Or even your common sense? It looks to me like you lost a lot more than your balance after falling down the stairs Sunday morning…  

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