8 Reasons Why Justin Bieber’s Recent Behavior Is (Probably) Just an Act

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A frank assertion to begin: I don’t think Justin Bieber needs any help. This is not because I condone reckless behavior, but it’s unlikely that the pop star is genuinely having a public meltdown. Call me crazy, but I think Bieber’s recent antics are an attempt to seek more publicity and present a fabricated image of himself to a public that can’t help but buy into it. Like Miley Cyrus, everything Bieber does is carefully calculated, and although outsiders might observe his behavior and deem it shameful and embarrassing, Bieber knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s benefiting from it in major ways. Below are eight reasons why.

The behavior is too stupid

It’s one thing to get a DUI, but it’s something entirely different to be investigated for egging your neighbor’s house. Even a narcissistic, self-absorbed celebrity wouldn’t be this idiotic. Add to this Bieber’s instagram picture after his arrest, and something tells me that this was planned all along.

The behavior is too public

Whenever we discuss “leaks” to the media, what we’re really talking about is a celebrity’s attempt to pass something off as private. Make no mistake: celebrities leak information themselves to give of the illusion of a scandal. The recent sexually suggestive photograph of Bieber and his friend might seem candid, but Bieber’s been in the spotlight too long to let something like this happen without his knowing.

Public figures fabricate their image

We think we know Bieber because he tells us about himself, but everything he says and does is meticulously constructed in advance to present a certain image to the public. All public figures, whether they be Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, or Bieber, aren’t showing us who they really are. They’re showing us what they want us to see, and we buy into it every single time.

Everyone loves a comeback

A few months from now, Bieber will turn his life around. He will stop getting into trouble, he will publicly apologize and admit his wrongdoings, and he will present a better image of himself to the public. Everyone will love him for it, and he will once again be called a positive role model. Bieber understands that the public loves a story of redemption, and it’s not unreasonable to think that he’s purposefully putting that story into motion for future glorification.

His music is too good

I find it amazing that in between vandalizing property, driving under the influence, and hooking up with prostitutes, Bieber found the time to release the best music of his career. Each week since October 2013, fans have been treated to a new song, and all of them are eclectic, experimental, and creatively inspired.

He smiles in his mug shot

Bieber’s mugshot is a masterwork of self-absorption, but that’s precisely the point. When most people are arrested, they’re understandably upset, and their mug shots typically demonstrate this sadness. Bieber, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. This is because he seems to be in on the joke.

Most of his crimes are forgivable

Although we should never condone bad behavior, vandalism and soliciting prostitutes aren’t the worst crimes that an individual can commit. If Bieber was truly having a meltdown, he would most likely be getting into more serious trouble. That his crimes are relatively tame — misdemeanors no less — should cause us to wonder if we should just take it with a grain of salt.

He has too much to lose

To quote Bieber, we should “never say never,” but public figures in Bieber’s position rarely screw it all up for themselves. There are exceptions, of course, but Bieber is a young man with a lot to lose, and if he’s truly in need of help, something tells me that he would have gotten it already. The fact that he continues on his path with no reflection leads me to conclude that his recent behavior is part of the path he’s created.

What do you think?