Justin Bieber Can Vomit and Sing Simultaneously — VIDEO

The Belieber Machine himself, Justin Bieber managed to surprise fans with his confounding ability to sing and vomit at the same time on Saturday in Arizona. And every writer and comedian in the Americas gleefully shouted out their best “Bieber Fever!” joke for all the world to hear!

That’s right, the beloved Canadian tot young fellow was performing the song “Out Of Town Girl” (sounds like a scandalous love affair indeed) to a packed crowd in Glendale, Arizona when his bouncy dance moves brought up previously ingested matter. Gross!

The fascinating part about all of this is how Bieber was able to conjure up some real, live Canadian magic and continue to sing even while his mouth was otherwise preoccupied. Amazing! Incredible! Wow, what performance work had to go into that sort of skill set, amirite?!

If you can BELIEBE it or not, Bieber took to the Internet (of all places!) to let people know he was OK and even make an Anchorman joke to prove all was kosher.

And …. Milk was a bad choice!Lol

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 30, 2012

Justin Bieber should know that the only other human lifeforms that throw up milk are babies.

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