Justin Bieber Becomes The Victim of An Insane South African Heist

Credit: Iguana Press/Getty Images

Despite the various parents, teachers, and animated dog detectives who worked tirelessly to inform us that stealing is wrong, American filmgoers love a good heist. The more elaborate the heist, the better. The cockier the criminal, the more we engage. And, most importantly, the richer the victim, the harder we cheer. It’s a rarity that this waning sense of morality is tested beyond the medium of fiction — a good Rube-Goldbergian crime is hard to come by in the real world. But a few expert criminals based in South Africa have taken a page from Danny Ocean’s playbook and sprung a heist for the ages on the Johannesburg arena, FNB Stadium. And even more noteworthy than their escapade is their target: Justin Bieber.

According to Johannesburg’s Eyewitness News, a sophisticated robbery was undertaken following Bieber’s concert at the Soweto stadium on Sunday. The criminals reportedly chiselled their way into the venue’s safe room, lowered themselves via rope down a three-meter drop, through the hole in the wall, and fled the scene with the 19-year-old music artist’s concert earnings. According to reports, experts think that the operation was enacted in multiple episodes over the course of several days, considering the thickness of the walls through which they are said to have burrowed.

At this time, investigations are being enforced to determine how much money has been stolen and how, exactly, this troupe managed its way past the hundreds of guards occupying the stadium. To be fair, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else when Bieber belts those high notes…

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