Justin Bieber Gets Boxing Lessons From Mike Tyson — VIDEO

justin bieber, mike tysonWhat does an 18-year-old singing sensation and a 5’10” heavyweight champion have in common? They’re both knockouts! (In one way or another). The teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, scored some private, ring-side boxing tips from legendary fighter Mike Tyson last week — just days before his alleged fight with the paparazzi. You gotta love irony, right?

The video clip shows the young star throwing down some serious punches while Tyson firmly holds the bag and eggs him on. They also managed to capture a photo of their lesson together, which Tyson later put on Twitter, writing, “Me, @john and @justinbieber before we started training JB.” Normally, you wouldn’t think these two would hang out in the same circles, but in the world of Beliebers, anything is possible.

As for some boxing tips Bieber could probably learn from The Baddest Man on the Planet, here’s a few: biting opponents is highly frowned upon, don’t judge a voice by its pitch, and the best offense is a good offense.

Nobody puts Beiber in a corner.


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[Image: Twitter]