Justin Bieber Knocked Out After Walking into a Glass Wall

ALTJustin Bieber walked into a glass wall. No, shockingly, this is not the beginning of a joke. The 18-year-old singer did in fact suffer a concussion after he walked into a wall backstage at his concert in Paris on Thursday, TMZ is reporting.

Apparently, in between takes, Bieber headed backstage, where he bumped into the glass surface. The singer told TMZ that he felt disoriented, but he still went back onstage to finish his songs before passing out in his dressing room. 

But don’t worry about the Biebs: Doctors say he only suffered a mild concussion. After the incident, Bieber even felt good enough to tweet to his fans. “thanks for the love but there are alot of people out there who need prayers. im fine. just smacked my head and needed some water. all good” he wrote.

Bieber even joked about what happened by challenging the glass to a duel: “i will see u again Glass. I will have my revenge. BIEBER vs GLASS. MGM LAS VEGAS 2013. lol. #GottaLaughAtYourself” Maybe now he can put those Mike Tyson boxing lessons to some good use. 

Too bad this isn’t the first time Bieber has gotten up-close and personal with glass. About two years ago, Bieber had a run-in with a revolving door. Check out the incident below.

bieber glass


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