Justin Bieber Pens Song About Wannabe Baby Mama

Justin BieberThe tables of unbalanced fixation have turned. Recall, if you will, Mariah Yeater, the 20 year-old woman who claimed in the fall of 2011 that Justin Bieber was the father of her baby, hitting the young singer with a paternity suit. After a media field day (including a noteworthy parody from Jimmy Fallon), Bieber disproved Yeater’s claims through a paternity test, and things eventually settled down. But the heat is back. Courtesy not of Yeater, but of the Bieb.

Bieber has announced that he has written a song about Yeater, and will be releasing it on his upcoming album Believe. According to The New York Post the pop star stated, “There’s a song about that girl that said she was gonna have my baby, Mariah Yeater. There are songs about things I’m going through. I wrote songs about different situations.”

This statement follows Bieber’s Tweet on Saturday, April 21, that openly mocked Yeater for her antics. The tweet was a surprise to many, as neither Bieber nor Yeater have been vocal about the circumstances in approximately five months. Could the young songwriter simply be nostalgic for the onslaught of media attention that resulted from Yeater’s claims? Or is something more substantial provoking his actions — is there some kind of a Cry of the Owl situation going on here? Makes you wonder what his fiancée thinks about all this.

Bieber’s new album will release on June 19.


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