Justin Bieber Reaches 25 Million Twitter Followers

Justin Bieber Twitter

Today in tween heartthrob news, Justin Bieber continues pushing forward his thinly veiled agenda to take over the world, one Twitter follower at a time. Thanks in large part to a grassroots campaign led by his Beliebers, Justin managed to break the 25 million follower marker on Sunday and now clocks in at 25,017,535* (and counting).

In celebration of Bieber’s accomplishment, we’re counting down the top 10 celeb Twitter accounts. Let’s see where your favorite celebs stack up in the Twitterverse popularity contest. 

Well, technically YouTube is the 10th most followed “person” on Twitter, but since the site isn’t exactly a celebrity, we’re going to skip down to #11: Nicki Minaj. While it’s a far cry from Bieber’s 25 mill, Minaj has a respectable 13,569,177 followers (who may or may not consist mostly of rapping British children in tutus) who are clambering to hear her latest album and brand news. Minaj’s tweets are filled with fun abbrevs, shout-outs to her “barbz” (fans), and an overabundance of punctuation.

The most notorious Kardashian ranks at #9 with 15,378,252 followers hungry for the latest juicy gossip from Kardashian. While Kardashian’s tweets tend toward self-promotion, fashion pics, and workout updates (with gems like, “Good workout today! I’m gonna be sooo sore tomorrow! And so far I haven’t eaten any sugar! I pray this lasts!”), her fans hold out hope that she’ll drop some big news about Kanye and/or maybe some indiscreet photos. Kardashian’s really got to up the intrigue factor if she wants to catch up with the Biebs any time soon. 
Over 16 million (16,319,142, to be exact) Twitter users log on for a glimpse at Swift’s oh-so-perfect life. Swift’s tweets feature plenty of cat pictures — Meredith is an ever-willing model — and her humble, “who me?” brand of modesty. Swift’s bits of whimsy and glitter cater perfectly to her legions of teen fans, but to reach Bieber’s level of Twitter fame, she should try tweeting something with crossover appeal. We suggest she try something akin to, “Yo, how you feel about healthcare reform? #gameofthrones4eva”
7. Shakira
Shakira? Really? Yes. The hip-shaking, pocket-sized hottie has 17,180,428 people waiting with bated breath for news of her next album. Shakira, or at least her team, tweets in Spanish as well as English, so she’s got the bilingual thing to her advantage. Can you imagine how many followers Bieber would have if he started tweeting in, say, Portuguese? Maybe the Biebs can learn a thing or two from Shakira. Her hips, actually tweets, don’t lie.

The leader of the free world takes sixth place in the Twitter race, with 17,541,071 followers. While it’s pretty safe to say that the President reaches the most diverse demographic of everyone on this list — with followers ranging from heads of state to journalists and religious leaders — he should take a page out of Bieber’s book to attract more of the 12-16-year-old crowd and rack up more attention. Try tweeting a music video every now and again, Prez, or release a fragrance. 
Spears is here to stay. From schoolgirl to crazytown to The X Factor, Spears always has something up her sleeve tantalizing enough to keep both fans and paparazzi on their toes. What’s she going to do next? Better follow her on Twitter to find out. Or at least that’s how 18,646,362 loyal fans feel. Spears actually has a pretty diverse Twitter feed, filled with enough personal anecdotes and photos to satisfy the voracious appetites of Britaholics everywhere. Spears shouldn’t have to change much to reach Bieber’s level of Twitter fame; maybe her gig as X Factor judge will give her the boost needed to get there. 
Rihanna, who works hard to live up to her reputation as an international woman of mystery, has attracted 22,561,743 followers on Twitter. Fans clearly dig her bad girl, I don’t give a f**k attitude. Rihanna’s mix of sex, drugs, and rock and roll — illustrated with smoldering Instagram photos — is titillating. From where we’re sitting, the only thing keeping her from jumping to the top of the list is that she is too titillating for parents of fans who deem Bieber age-appropriate enough for their daughters’ ogling. 
The reigning Princess of Pop comes in at #3 with 23,224,527 followers. Just like Bieber, she’s got the teeny bopper contingent on lock-down and now, thanks to her recent divorce and 3D movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me, all eyes are on her. Seems to us that Perry is one hit single away from breaking the 25 million marker herself. 
2. Justin Bieber
Surprise! Even though Justin just broke 25 million followers, he’s not the #1 star on Twitter. That title belongs to…
Mother Monster holds the whole Twitter world in her hands with 27,136,988 followers. Whatever she types, be it an inspirational quote, song lyrics, or gratuitous photo, turns instantly to Internet gold.

*All numbers are from time of writing and continue to change.