Justin Bieber Reveals His ‘Boyfriend’ To The World

justin bieberJustin Bieber‘s new single, “Boyfriend,” dropped at midnight March 26, sending the majority of the world into a Bieber Fever craze. But unlike his normal pop songs, this new single presents a vocally mature side of the 18-year-old singer that we’ve never really seen before. In fact, the style is very reminiscent of a young Justin Timberlake — falsetto voice and all.

Of course, the lyrics still contain bits and pieces of the star’s childlike swagger, including a Buzz Lightyear reference. But if you’re searching for a new reason to love the Biebster, this song is definitely swoon-worthy material.

Some lyrics include: “If I was your boyfriend, never let you go. Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone/ I can be a gentleman, anything you want/ If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go.” (Calm yourselves, ladies).

But “Boyfriend”— which was co-written by the Biebs and Mike Posner— isn’t just for Justin’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez. It’s for all of his adoring female fans. And, when a technical glitch on iTunes prevented users from downloading the song right at midnight, Bieber managed to charm the anxious crowd on Twitter while they waited.

“Yo @itunesmsuic im trying to romance 19 million ladies with my music,” he tweeted. “You are kinda screwing this up for me. LEGGO!”

But even with the temporary delay, “Boyfriend” has already reached No. 1 on the iTunes singles chart. Check out the audio below. What you think of Bieber’s new style?